Using Gamification to “Sell More” and Motivate Your Field Force


AUGUST, 2018

For the past decade, top Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brands have relied upon Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions to not only improve retail execution activities, but continuously generate opportunities for more revenue. To support this never-ending quest, reports from the Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) have suggested using an SFA solution that includes “sell more” capabilities.  One of the “sell more” capabilities POI mentions is gamification.

Gamification utilizes leader boards, compensation simulation, games, and contests as motivators for the field force. When done correctly, gamification is highly stimulating and fuels just the right amount of friendly competition among sales reps. It’s meant to serve as a fun, real-time motivator to improve daily/weekly/monthly performance, generate camaraderie and ultimately, win the game.

The science behind gamification is quite interesting. When you play a video or board game and score a point, the body releases a happy reward hormone known as dopamine.  When plotting your next move during a game, the brain starts firing on all cylinders. It goes into a problem-solving mode driven by a desire to win.

Believe it or not, some CPGs have reported field force productivity increasing by as much as 30% when gamification was implemented.

While gamification is not new, there are some best practices that will ensure the tactic is successful.

  • Keep the game and rules simple. It needs to be enjoyable to stimulate participation and competition.
  • Design the game or contest around KPIs or meaningful business objectives such as sales volume or revenue.
  • Provide real-time results. This will keep your field force curious and constantly engaged.
  • Encourage some friendly trash talk. The eBest Mobile gamification app, for example, includes a COMMUNITY board that enables reps to communicate about the contest, share updates, brag, and offer messages of encouragement.
  • Share results across the entire organization. Many sales reps spend the day solo, so sharing challenges and results provides reps with a sense of being on a team.
  • Make accessibility easy. Include gamification within your SFA retail execution tool so it plays a key role in the sales reps’ daily work life.