Hitting Sales Goals Consistently in the Field Comes Down to Supervisor Coaching


JULY, 2018

Building, maintaining, and increasing the effectiveness of a global sales force requires three elements:

1. Talented sales reps to serve as brand ambassadors
2. Mobile-based Sales Force Automation (SFA) technology
3. Strategic sales coaching tools for supervisors

Before you gloss over #3, it’s important to clarify that sales coaching is different from sales rep training.

FMCG companies who utilize coaching strategies not only help reps sell successfully long-term but, hit goals more consistently. Imagine the benefits of glancing at a real-time summary score for each sales rep based on strengths and weaknesses and responding to those results by supplying targeted coaching materials. This level of insight helps supervisors stay abreast of under-performing reps, be an influencer, and prevent problems from spinning out of control.

After completing basic training and onboarding, sales reps benefit from a highly-personalized, hands-on mentorship strategy. According to The Aberdeen Group, sales operation leaders who provide coaching have reported a 14 percent shorter sales cycle.

Surprises at the end of the month are a nightmare for field sales supervisors. Tracking goals and sales performance for an entire team or territory requires real-time data and proactive involvement. Next generation coaching modules enable supervisors to monitor KPIs, identify high/low performers, track daily progress, and view time spent on individual tasks – in real-time. This level of intelligence helps the supervisor formulate and execute precise coaching strategies to course correct and drive momentum.

Best-in-class coaching modules within SFA technology solutions can empower field supervisors with a unique set of functionalities specifically designed to train, track, manage and coach sales reps in the field.

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