In today’s dynamic consumer goods landscape, mastering the art of digital channels is the game-changer for companies looking to stay ahead. Navigating the world of consumer goods, the challenge lies in seamlessly blending digital and AI technologies for faster, authentic, cost-effective, and efficient marketing and operations.


Challenges for CPGs, Solutions We Offer!



  • How can we get real-market insights without overwhelming our sales teams?
  • How is our product distribution compliance?
  • What’s our share of shelf and number of facings?
  • How can we enhance order accuracy and streamline the ordering process?
  • Is our in-store display truly optimized? What about our product mix and shelf display?
  • How can we optimize displays and shelves?

These questions often lead to CPG management feeling frustrated about the lag in market feedback and missing out on numerous merchandising optimization opportunities.


Transparency – A Glimpse into the Real Market!

Leveraging artificial intelligence, we’ve cracked the code for market transparency. CPG companies, through images captured by field reps at outlets, now receive immediate data feedback, significantly reducing the time lag in perceiving the real market performance.


Planogram – Crafting the Perfect Shelf and Store!

Image recognition, objectively presenting brand performance data in various distribution channels and consumption scenarios, we help CPGs to delve deep into understanding the relationship between distribution displays and consumer behaviors and decisions. Brands can even offer planograms, to guide field reps and outlet keepers with shelf compliance to maximize product visibility, transforming shelves and displays into potential sales opportunities. Through continuous optimization of displays and shelves, our aim is to create the perfect shelf and perfect store.


Smarter and More Efficient!

Using photos of cooler shelves and historical sales data, our system employs algorithms to provide restocking order suggestions. Orders are interfaced directly with the enterprise’s ERP, promoting timely restocking at stores and maximizing every sales opportunity.


Effortless, Real, and Dynamic!

With the help of AI, shelf images are transformed into authentic terminal data through photos, eliminating the tedious processes of field representatives manually collecting, entering, and physically counting. Whether it’s share of shelf , product shelf position, number of layers, or cooler purity, a small image carrying information and data, offering management real and reliable data insights.


Leading the Digital Revolution – Shaping the Future!

Over the years, the image recognition feature has played a crucial role in the route-to-market digital transformations for beverage, food, pet food, beer, and liquor industries. With the support of eBest RTM platform, image recognition has brought about a digital upgrade, efficiency improvement and revenue growth for CPG companies. It has also empowered distributors and CPG companies to make informed decisions, accelerate market response, enhancing operational efficiency, and boosting market competitiveness.