mondelez AI BOOSTING REVENUE growth and marketing effectiveness


MAR, 2024

Embracing cutting-edge technology, Mondelēz International has fortified its analytical capabilities and invested in innovative tools geared towards the optimization of promotions, pricing strategies, and overall sales productivity. Central to this digital evolution is the integration of artificial intelligence (AI).

In steering towards accelerated growth beyond 2024, the company relies on four strategic pillars:

revenue growth management (RGM),

channel expansion,

digital transformation,

and elevated marketing.

AI takes center stage in this approach, acting as a driving force for insights and optimizations across the entire organizational spectrum.

This digital strategy is centered on three main areas. Firstly, consumer engagement, which allows the company to personalize its brand interactions with customers. Secondly, customer engagement, involving a comprehensive digital sales transformation to achieve superior revenue management and sales execution. Lastly, operational excellence, focusing on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of the company’s operations.

AI-driven insights are a critical component of RGM practices. By leveraging second-party data, AI helps Mondelēz International make informed business decisions and refine its sales execution. These insights encompass POS promotions, distributor data, and loyalty card information.

AI not only provides valuable insights but also drives sales execution and excellence. It guides selling strategies by offering personalized recommendations, simplifying order-taking with suggested orders, and identifying upselling opportunities.

By harnessing the power of AI, Mondelēz International is able to identify profitable customers and segments, personalize its interactions, and optimize inventory management and pricing strategies. This technology-driven approach enables the company to resonate more effectively with its target audience, drive stronger sales performance, and achieve sustained revenue growth.

Moreover, AI-powered insights help Mondelēz International streamline its operations, reduce costs, and further enhance its profitability. By combining AI with its existing data and analytics capabilities, the company is well-positioned to make informed decisions, execute strategies effectively, and achieve continued success in the future.