Kraft Heinz to implement

a robust B2B self-ordering system

JAN, 2024
Kraft Heinz, a renowned global producer of delectable food products, stands as a foremost player in the consumer goods industry worldwide. As the 3rd-largest food and beverage company in North America and the 5th-largest on a global scale, Kraft Heinz proudly boasts a portfolio of 8 iconic brands, each generating over $1 billion in annual revenue.
To further strengthen its market position and enhance operational efficiency, Kraft Heinz partnership with eBest to set to introduce a robust B2B self-ordering system, ushering in a new era of efficiency and convenience. This groundbreaking system will initially roll out within the realm of Kraft Heinz’s distribution network in China.
🚀 Transforming B2B Interactions:

In collaboration with Kraft Heinz, we are set to revolutionize the distributor experience by introducing this self-ordering digital solution, which is designed to elevate efficiency, streamline processes, and empower distributors to manage their orders seamlessly.


🤝 Embracing Digital Innovation:

At eBest, we believe in the power of innovation and collaborative partnerships. Our joint effort with Kraft Heinz exemplifies a shared commitment to embracing digital solutions that redefine the landscape of B2B interactions.


📈 Enhancing Operational Excellence:

The implementation of our B2B self-ordering system aims to enhance the ordering experience for Kraft Heinz distributors. With real-time insights, personalized features, and a user-friendly interface, distributors can optimize their operations and drive operational excellence.

Join us on this transformative journey as we work together to reshape B2B interactions in the food industry.