A Digital Supply Chain Transformation is Best COVID-19 Strategy


APRIL, 2020

From in-store fulfillment to last-mile execution, the COVID-19 pandemic has created havoc across the world’s B2B supply chain. While interim plans and “quick fixes” have been implemented across the globe to ensure CG companies and retailers can maintain operations, this crisis has quickly proven that supply chain models rooted in digital, mobile, and automation technology are a must to slow the spread of COVID-19 and thrive in the new “normal.”

According to a survey conducted by EY, 36 percent of global companies are accelerating investments towards automation in response to COVID-19. Self-service, contactless orders, and mobile-based retail execution are ways to digitize the supply chain AND implement business practices that will ensure the ongoing health and safety of team members.

One example that checks all the boxes is iCustomer, a mobile-based, self-service solution developed by eBest Mobile to facilitate B2B replenishment orders. 

Rather than waiting for a field rep to make a scheduled store visit, iCustomer enables the retailer to place a product order online using a smartphone. In addition to health and safety, there are many benefits that come from a Consumer Goods company adopting and providing iCustomer to retail partners. As the manufacturer, you are:

  • Empowering retailers to ensure YOUR product is never out-of-stock
  • Providing an elevated level of service without increasing labor or costs
  • Distinguishing yourself from the competition
  • Allowing field reps to shift efforts to selling-in new products, promotions and displays
  • Gaining more time to generate new opportunities and more revenue

COVID-19 will be the catalyst that transforms global supply chains and overall business operations.  While every organization is currently responding with swift urgency, this crisis will require every organization to prepare for what’s next and think beyond the short term.

To learn how iCustomer can support retail execution operations both now and in the future, click here.