When Fast isn’t Fast Enough: Adoption of Route Optimization Software on the Rise


SEPT, 2019

In a fast paced-world obsessed with instant gratification, delivering products to the right place at the right time at the speed of light is a major priority for the FMCG supply chain.  Additionally, there is continuous pressure to reduce expenses, enhance customer service levels, and improve operational efficiencies.  All these factors are steering the growth of route optimization software.

According to a new study by Infoholic Research, the global route optimization software market is forecasted to grow 15% by 2025 reaching revenues of more than $7.5 billion. This forecast is a big indicator that fast is no longer fast enough.

Traffic, road construction, last minute customer cancellations – these are all costly diversions leading to higher route optimization adoption rates, especially in APAC markets.

While route optimization software at its core provides the most efficient driving routes for sales reps and drivers in the field, it can be leveraged to do so much more. Leading FMCG brands are experiencing benefits from pairing it with mobile-based Sales Force Automation (SFA) technology.

Not only can SFA plus route optimization software support optimal travel distance and faster arrival times but, it has the ability to take sales revenue into consideration to better prioritize store visits and tasks.  It also enables field reps to:

  • See a recap of planned deliveries and sales versus actuals in a visual dashboard
  • Capture reasons and quantities for both planned and unplanned returns
  • Review each customer delivery with SKUs, planned quantity, pricing, and notes
  • Maximize service with on the spot customer intelligence and order history
  • Facilitate transactions that automatically sync with ERP systems

For FMCG companies, time is money. Click here to learn how route optimization and plus SFA can benefit your field force (and bottom line.)