Retail Execution Success Stories from Around the Globe


OCT, 2019

During the past 19 years, eBest Mobile has successfully implemented in 22 countries and continues to support some of the largest CPG brands in the world.  By designing a product suite that is 100% frontline focused, CPGs around the globe are leveraging eBest Mobile solutions and finding great success.

For example…

Coca-Cola challenged eBest to deliver a world-class retail execution platform in order to provide business insights and improve front line effectiveness. eBest rolled out iMarket and iMentor to over 2,500 users across India in less than three months. Supervisors have gained real time insights surrounding team members and have the ability to proactively address market issues and ensure 100% call compliance.


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Petronas Lubricants International increased both order and delivery efficiencies after eBest Mobile successfully integrated its Sales Force Automation (SFA) solutions across Petronas’ distributors. With all orders synchronized to SFA, Petronas has gained more efficiency surrounding global distribution and complete visibility into revenue.

After partnering with eBest Mobile, a major bottling organization achieved a minimum of one additional SKU increase per order, which improved product availability from 10% to 50%. The bottler was also able to quantify and lower the cost per effective store visit in 10 months.