It’s Time to Close the Retail Execution Functionality Gap


March, 2019

The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) recently released its 2019 State of the Industry Report, which included insights surrounding Retail Execution capabilities. While we don’t need a report to reiterate why the ability to execute at retail is critical, it was eye-opening to discover the number of execution gaps that are preventing sales reps from performing better and selling smarter in the field.

Specifically, only 32% of the POI survey respondents have “sell more” capabilities. According to POI, “sell more” capabilities include image recognition, guided selling, social selling, gamification, voice recognition, and in-flight analytics.  These are critical (and proven) functionalities that provide field teams with a strong competitive advantage.

It’s clear that too many sales reps are sent into the field without the tools they need to excel.  

It will always be a challenge to increase SKUs, hit sales goals, gain market share and elevate brand performance when:

  • 60.2% say off-line needs are not being met
  • 68% don’t have guided selling
  • 5% don’t have the tools they need to make appropriate decisions
  • 75% don’t have gamification
  • 4% don’t have image recognition capabilities

A Retail Execution solution without these features puts your sales rep at a major disadvantage. Consumer Goods companies need to investigate (and prioritize) how to close these functionality gaps. eBest Mobile is a full featured Retail Execution solution that checks all the boxes in terms of “sell more” capabilities. The platform is scalable and in continuous development, so new functionality is always being released. If you haven’t seen the eBest Mobile solution suite in action lately, set up a demo today.