As we dive into the sizzling summer, the battleground of the beverage market has shifted from store shelves to the realm of refrigerators and freezers. With thousands of different beverage varieties vying for a spot in these limited cold storage spaces, the competition has never been more intense. In such a dynamic landscape, having robust digital asset management capabilities becomes paramount for companies.

Refrigerators: More Than Just Storage, They’re Brand Showcases

Refrigerators aren’t just sales points or storage units for beverages; they also serve as vital showcases for a brand’s image. Therefore, effectively managing and maintaining these refrigerators to provide excellent service to consumers is a challenge that businesses must address.

eBest Asset Management: A New Dimension in Refrigerator Management

eBest’s asset management module offers consumer goods companies a complete end-to-end process for refrigerator management, spanning from equipment approval and distribution to relocation, replacement, and retrieval. This not only streamlines operations for field sales reps but also empowers them with the convenience of intelligent operations, leading to enhanced performance. Additionally, businesses can gain real-time insights into every aspect of equipment at every single stage, enabling them to make timely and informed decisions promptly.

Key Features of eBest’s Refrigerator Management

  1. Fully embedded within eBest Route-to-Market Digitalization PaaS platform.
  2. Accessible via multiple entry points for various business scenarios, ensuring quick and easy access to module operations for field sales reps.
  3. Simplified operations, with rapid identification and recognition of equipment types; identify whether this outlet is a target customer; determine whether to allocate a fridge asset to this outlet; allow photo uploads, QR scanning and easy data entry for field sales reps.
  4. Real-time access of customer statuses and performance, including equipment location tracking; to prevent unauthorized movement, misappropriation or theft.
  5. Smart decision-making powered by equipment data and sales volume analytics, facilitating timely equipment relocation, removal, or maintenance.

eBest: Your Expert Partner for Summer Operations

With over 20 years of experience in the consumer goods industry, eBest understands the challenges faced by the beverage industry during the summer season. That’s why we’ve introduced a dedicated summer operations plan.

  • Our comprehensive RTM Digitalization PaaS platform and solutions are tailored to the beverage industry, facilitating seamless operations from manufacturers to distributors, sales representatives, retail stores, and consumers. This enables brands to directly engage with end-users, maximizing value for all parties in the whole value chain.
  • We also offer a dedicated summer operations plan for asset management, ensuring brands dynamically manage their assets throughout their lifecycle, from approval and distribution to relocation, replacement, and maintenance. This empowers brands to seize space in fridge shelves and boost summer sales!

Whether you’re tackling the challenges of scorching summer sales or realizing your vision of digital management, eBest is your indispensable partner. Let’s embark on a journey to redefine refrigerator management this summer with the strength of eBest!